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8 Most Affordable Pittsburgh Suburbs to Live In

Pittsburgh, also known as “the Steel City,” is quickly becoming home for many Pennsylvanians and out-of-staters alike. There are countless things to do in the city, including visiting the Andy Warhol Museum, the Carnegie Science Center, and the Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. No wonder 301,000 people are calling it home. If you’re considering buying a home in Pittsburgh, expect the median home sale price to land around $259,900 and the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh to be about $2,022.

Don’t worry if those numbers don’t fit in your budget – we’ve got options to help you find a home or apartment that does. We’ve rounded up a list of the 8 best affordable Pittsburgh suburbs to consider living in – and they’re all under a 45-minute drive from the city. You’ll be close enough to explore all of Pittsburgh’s best activities without paying the price of city life.

view of pittsburgh downtown on sunny day

#1: North Braddock

Median home price: $67,500
Driving distance from Pittsburgh: 20 minutes
North Braddock, PA homes for sale
North Braddock, PA apartments for rent

With a median home sale price of $67,500, North Braddock takes the number one spot on our list of affordable Pittsburgh suburbs. Just about a 20-minute drive away from Pittsburgh, you won’t miss out on what the city has to offer. If you move to North Braddock, make sure to go hiking in the nearby Allegheny National Forest, enjoy a game of golf at the Grandview Golf Course, and check out the Schwab Mansion, which was built in 1893 for Charles M. Schwab when he was superintendent of the nearby Edgar Thomson Works.

#2: Rankin

Median home price: $137,000
Driving distance from Pittsburgh: 15 minutes
Rankin, PA homes for sale
Rankin, PA apartments for rent

Rankin is Pittsburgh’s second most affordable suburb. Only 15 minutes from the city center, you’ll feel like you’re living in Pittsburgh without the high price tag. Named after local landowner Thomas Rankin, the area is known for specializing in manufacturing steel and wire goods during the early 20th century. The area’s most known landmark is the George Rankin Jr. Memorial Bridge. When living in this suburb of 2,000 people, you can also spend the day going for a walk in one of the town’s parks. 

#3: Tarentum

Median home price: $140,000
Driving distance from Pittsburgh: 23 minutes
Tarentum, PA homes for sale
Tarentum, PA apartments for rent

Tarentum takes the third spot on our list, with a median home sale price of 140,000 and only a 23-minute drive away. The suburb is situated along the Allegheny River, and it features a riverfront park with several baseball stadiums, a deck hockey court, a children’s spray water park, and a covered amphitheater. The community also has a thriving local business community and is home to 4,500 residents. 

affordable pittsburgh suburb trees on sunny day

#4: North Charleroi

Median home price: $145,000
Driving distance from Pittsburgh: 45 minutes
North Charleroi, PA homes for sale
North Charleroi, PA apartments for rent

A little more expensive than Tarentum is none other than North Charleroi. Roughly 1,500 residents call this Pittsburgh suburb home. A fun fact about the area is that it was once known as “Lock 4”. Previously, Lock and Dam #4 was located on this side of the Monongahela River, and the place had this name. While the name was eventually changed to North Charleroi, most residents still refer to the town as “Lock 4”.

#5: Brookline

Median home price: $210,000
Driving distance from Pittsburgh: 10 minutes
Brookline, PA homes for sale
Brookline, PA apartments for rent

About a 10-minute drive into the city, consider adding Brookline to your list of Pittsburgh suburbs to consider living in. With 13,000 people living in this affordable town, Brookline is a great option for those looking to stay close to Pittsburgh without paying the premium for a home in the city. Living in Brookline, you’ll find there are plenty of things to do. Some popular options include visiting the Brookline Tabernacle, taking a walk or hiking through one of the many parks in the area, or visiting the Brookline Museum.

#6: Stanton Heights

Median home price: $220,000
Driving distance from Pittsburgh: 15 minutes
Stanton Heights, PA homes for sale
Stanton Heights, PA apartments for rent

Another noteworthy Pittsburgh suburb is Stanton Heights, where the median home sale price is about $30K less than in Pittsburgh. With just about 4,500 people living in Stanton Heights, it’s a great suburb to consider living in. Whether you spend the day visiting museums or grabbing a coffee at a local café, there are many cool things to do and see in Stanton Heights.

landscape in pittsburgh suburb at sunset

#7: Summer Hill

Median home price: $220,000
Driving distance from Pittsburgh: 10 minutes
Summer Hill, PA homes for sale
Summer Hill, PA apartments for rent

Coming in seventh place on our list of affordable Pittsburgh suburbs is Summer Hill, which is almost a 10-minute drive into the heart of the city. With a population of about 500, Summer Hill is a great area to live in that’s not nearly as big as Pittsburgh. If you find yourself moving to this suburb, make sure to visit the Summerhill Winery.

#8: Oakwood

Median home price: $224,000
Driving distance from Pittsburgh: 15 minutes
Oakwood, PA homes for sale
Oakwood, PA apartments for rent

Last but not least on our list of most affordable Pittsburgh suburbs is Oakwood. This affordable suburb is home to about 2,200 residents, so you’ll have a fraction of Pittsburgh’s population while remaining close to the city and its attractions. There are various things to do in Oakwood, including visiting the Oakwood Community Center, exploring the Oakwood Wildlife Preserve, shopping at the Oakwood Mall, and dining at various local restaurants.

Methodology: Affordability is based on whether a suburb is less than the median sale price of Pittsburgh and under a 45-minute drive from downtown Pittsburgh. Median home sale price data from the Redfin Data Center during July 2022. Average rental data from during July 2022. Population data sourced from the United States Census Bureau.

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